Games I’ve Made

Over the past few months I have made a couple of games for Leapfrog devices, which have since been released. Overall, I am quite pleased with how they turned out – people seem to like them, which is always a good sign. I was the sole programmer on both of these titles, which lead to some efficiencies (though it also lead to some nasty-but-necessary corner cutting).

The first of the two games is Scholastic: Bug Genius. This is a fairly simple quiz/minigame-based downloadable title designed to educate the player about the wild world of bugs. As someone who grew up as a Scholastic kid, getting to work with Scholastic was a cool self-validating experience.



The second of the games to be released is Stretchy Monkey: Swinging Through Time. The third game in the Stretchy Monkey series, this installment follows the Stretchy Monkey family and their banana-powered time machine on adventures through history. Unlike Bug Genius, which I coded largely from scratch, I inherited an existing code base for the Stretchy Monkey games. On the one hand, not having to reimplement the complicated monkey character controller was useful. On the other, well, lets just say I have a greater appreciation for people who spend a large amount of time maintaining legacy code. This project also had the added design wrinkle of switching from a portrait view mode to a landscape view mode, which gave me a lot of interesting insight into how design changes like that can impact a large number of different systems.



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